Based in Birmingham, England and originally founded in the USA, Revolution Reality Midlands is an inclusive community of people who love music loud, heavy & alternative. We exist for all people but especially the misfits, the broken, the hurting and the outcasts. We're a community of people with open minds, open hearts and open arms. We accept all people from all walks of life, but the reason we sing, shout, scream, mosh and headbang is because we've found healing, love and hope in Jesus Christ.

Founded by Tommy Green, vocalist of USA Hardcore band Sleeping Giant, Rev is a place where you can come exactly as you are- no catch, no strings attached. If you’re looking for hope, healing & love, we’ve got it. If you’re looking for a group of people to hang out with, we’ve got you covered. Regardless of the music scene or culture you’re from, whether you have tattoos, piercings or none, whatever your beliefs or opinions, you’re always welcome here.

Welcome to the family. Welcome to The Rev Crew.

Matt & Sarah


Meet Matt & Sarah McKay, the Rev Midlands community leaders! They love to meet new people and create an atmosphere of acceptance, victory & love.

Married in 2017, this pair have a love for music & the people in the metal & hardcore culture. With an understanding that church and heavy metal haven't always had the best of relationships, Matt & Sarah set up Rev Midlands to be a safe space for those who have been hurt by the church and a place for those who feel like misfits to call home.

Having been the vocalist in many bands throughout his 20s, you'll find Matt on stage at Rev having a good scream & shout with the band- be prepared for those mic grabs!

If Sarah isn't too busy crowd surfing you'll likely find her munching on some pizza or ready to greet you when you first arrive!

Beth & Davey

Hannah & Will


Beth and Davey Burch met in 2015 & fell in love, bonding over music. Together they have a calling on their lives to love the broken-hearted through their passion of metal and hardcore.

Davey is the founder of JXC, a community of people who love Jesus and the DIY hardcore culture. Since 2008, he has interviewed bands, promoted shows and published zines based around the alternative Christian scene. Davey has also been in many bands & you’ll find him flailing in the pit and mic grabbing to give Matt a hand on vocals!

Beth loves bringing the breakdowns and is regularly repping for the girls on guitar. She is also part of the badass mama’s club and loves encouraging the kids to get heavy with the rest!

Meet Some Of The Crew

Bringing the heat from down under, this New Zealand power couple bring sunshine to the rainy Midlands!

Both have had careers with young people, working in schools in New Zealand and the UK.

Will has been actively involved in hardcore scenes across the world- literally! As vocalist of his bands 'Patriot' and 'Big Sleeping Lava Man', Will was a big part of the Christian metal scene in New Zealand. He also organised outreach shows for people with mental health issues.

After being with Will for 10 years Hannah has grown an appreciation for metal but if you need someone to talk to about Ed Sheeran amongst all the chaos she’s your gal!